4th January 2019 – 6th January 2019

Why Arthouse ?

Arthouse Asia is an annual breeding space of independent filmmakers. Over the years independent filmmaking has changed a lot, Asian independent filmmaking market is increasing steadily. The Past has taught us “United we stand, divide we fall”.
Arthouse Asia is an effort to unite worldwide independent filmmakers in a single platform. We know the path is not an easy way but we believe independent filmmaking is the true way of practicing art through filmmaking medium. The studio system is a money generating system, it does not allow experimentation as it always tends to follow the already established monetary model.
So we believe independent filmmaking is the future of filmmaking.

Award Winners 2018

Best Documentary Feature
One Year on a Bike by Martijn Doolaard, Netherlands

Best Fiction Feature
The Song of Sway Lake by Ari Gold, USA

Best Documentary Short
Fireflies by Johnson Rajkumar, India

Best Fiction Short
500 RUPEES by Shashwat Gandhi, India

Best Animation Short
The Art Of Aping by Ananya Anil, India

Best Video Art
LANKA LANKA by Jacco Kliesch, Germany

Best Music Video
MOOGZAM | Exaggerated by Roman Buchatsky, Israel


The Golden Wood Award
Sanyog by Aly Rana, India

Program schedule

Movie trailers

What else with Official Selection ?

We are looking for independent content originated across the world in any languages. All the official selections will be screened during the fest in front of the prolific liberal audience from the oldest cosmopolitan city of Asia. 
The winning films will be awarded the prestigious “Golden Wood Award”. These films will be introduced and marketed at various Asian Film Markets by Arthouse World Network if opted. 

Every audience will be requested to fill up a feedback form and all the filled up forms will be sent to the filmmakers as we know it matters a lot for them.

And last but not the least all the winning films will go on a multi-city tour throughout the Indian Subcontinent. It is an effort to give maximum exposure to all the winning films and creating niche audience of Arthouse Films Across Asia. 

Official Selections 2018

– Fiction Feature –

  •  Little Secret by David Schurmann          :: Brazil
  • The Song of Sway Lake by Ari Gold           :: USA
  • Die Tochter by Mascha Schilinski         :: Germany


–  Documentary Feature –

  • ON EXILE, elsewhere within here by Jose Carlos Teixeira                  :: USA
  • One Year on a Bike by Martijn Doolaard                                                :: Netherlands
  • Power To Change – The Energy Rebellion by Carl-A. Fechner          :: Germany


– Fiction Short –

  • “Death Note” – The Origin Story by Nik Shaw           :: USA
  • M.O.M. by Rohit Gupta                                                     ::India
  • Love & War by Tom White                                               :: USA
  • Insight by Kamal Krishna                                                 ::Australia
  • ONE FINE DAY by VIBIN M.R                                           :: India
  • Mia by Octavian Kaul                                                       :: Canada
  • TCHAIKOVSKY IN LOVE by Ian Woodward                  :: Russian Federation
  • The Morning After by Leanne Mangan                       :: Australia
  • The Returning by Paul Russell                                      :: Malaysia
  • 500 RUPEES by SHASHWAT GANDHI                            :: India
  • The Art of Human Salvage by Dempsey Tillman      :: USA
  • Mohammad And Urvashi by Vivek Agnihotri            :: India
  • ONERE by Kevin Pontuti                                                 :: India
  • Deirdre by Jo Southwell                                                 :: USA
  • SANYOG by ALY RANA                                                   :: India
  • Free Fall by Alexey Slinkin                                            :: Russian Federation


– Documentary Short –

  • Roadside Scientist by DIGANTA DEY                       :: India
  • Fireflies by Johnson Rajkumar                                   :: India
  • Salty Memory by Orwa Alahmad                              :: France
  • Mann of the Match by Karin Duarte                        :: UK
  • ALIEN by Morteza Atabaki                                          :: South Africa


– Animation Short –

  • Hezar Afsan by Asghar Safar                                               :: Iran
  • KCLOC by Ninaad Kulkarni                                                   :: USA
  • Bob by Nipun Sharma                                                           :: India
  • Graphic Sex Ed by Russell Wyner                                       :: USA
  • What Is Your Brown Number? by Vinnie Ann Bose       :: India
  • Tokri (The Basket) by Suresh Eriyat                                  :: India
  • The Art Of Aping by Ananya Anil                                        :: India
  • Tanguito Argentino by Joaquin Braga                              :: Argentina


– Video Art –

  • LANKA LANKA by Jacco Kliesch                                               :: Germany
  • PAS DE DEUX, FROID by Carles Pamies                                  :: Spain
  • Vespula by Gianmaria Lupo Cerutti                                         :: Italy
  • Take my hand by Francesco Siro Brigiano                             :: Italy
  • GRASSHOPPER by Lynn Bianchi                                               :: USA
  • “Notes from Einstein” by Mimi Garrard                               ::USA
  • Eventide by Muriel Paraboni                                                    :: Brazil
  • In the windows of the past by Jonas Luyckx                       :: Belgium


– Music Video –

  • MOOGZAM | Exaggerated  by Roman Buchatsky            :: Israel
  • Sola by Jonathan Nix                                                               ::Australia
  • Bibimbap by Heather Colbert                                               :: UK
  • Falling by Nicki Wells Turya                                                   :: Switzerland
  • FAWN by Anuk Rohde                                                            :: Germany
  • SANTERIA by Miguel A. Ferrer                                              :: USA
  • The Bangalore Song by Naman Soni                                 :: India


– Web series –

  • Love and Chill by Deepa Rochak                                       :: Bhutan
  • Absurd by Nik Raw                                                               :: Mexico


– Virtual Reality –

  • Physicality by Robert Shaw                                               :: Denmark
  • Day before Dawn by Markov Oliver                                :: Romania




What is Curation ?

We need to start by getting one thing straight—most of the curation we talk about today in our everyday digital lives isn’t true curation at all. Curation is doing the hard work of searching through mounds of mediocrity, discovering work that has something new and interesting to say, and propping up it up for the world to see. Algorithmic curation has, so far, only been capable of telling us what’s already popular and social curation is simply reblogging, repinning, or rehashing what again is already popular. This is “curation” driven by a desire for scale, not for great content.

The reality is that great curation, the kind that shapes our collective culture, is hard work. Who’s up for the challenge?

There are no shortcuts. The only way to consistently find great films week after week is having a great curatorial team and submission process.

How we’ll be making our decision: 

 Quality of the story & breathtaking imagery –       40%
After film Impact –                                                     30%
Experimentation –                                                      20%
Deeply rooted –                                                          10%

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